TRAPPIST-1f is a confirmed exoplanet orbiting the ultra cool brown dwarf star TRAPPIST-1, 39 light years away from Earth. It is one of 7 planets that were discovered using the transit method in February 2017. It is one of 4 planets that are orbiting in the habitable zone of their parent star. The other planets are TRAPPIST-1b, c, d, e, g and h.

The parent star, TRAPPIST-1, has a mass of 0.08 Suns, a radius of 0.117 Suns (slightly larger than Jupiter, but slightly smaller than Kepler-7b), a temperature of 2559 K (2285.85 C), and is 500 million years old (which makes the star and its planets much younger than Earth, which is 4.55 billion years old). The TRAPPIST-1 system was formed during Earth's Cambrian Period.

(Mass: 0.68 Earths; Radius: 1.045 Earths; Earth Similarity Index: 0.684; Stellar flux: 0.38341)